Event Schedule

Official ForceFest 2020 Line-Up

ForceFest is a virtual convention that is FREE to attend and is hosted on​ GetVokl.com​, a community-based live-streaming platform. 

Over the course of 3 days, August 28-30, sixty panels hosted by as many podcasters and content creators will air live on GetVokl, and also simulcast to Facebook and YouTube. 

Unlike [email protected], ForceFest panels will be live, and those watching on GetVokl can interact with panelists and other viewers in a live off-camera chat, as well as donate to Make-A-Wish live.

What is ForceFest?

  • Creating a free GetVokl account​ on your computer is the best way to watch and interact live in the chat, and donate live to Make-A-Wish using VCoin

  • Bookmark this page​ for easy access to the schedule and Stages
  • Once you’ve created an account, ​check out all six of the ForceFest stages​ for panels you want to see. Subscribe to the stages for a “going-live” notification when panels start
  • Download the GetVokl app to your mobile device and allow notifications to make sure you don’t miss your favorite panel

Many panelists will have a Q&A towards the end, and you may even be invited to “Grab a Spot” on live video to ask a question!

The Best Way to Attend

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