GetVokl User Guide

As a host you can:

  • Invite up to 3 guests to join the live video conversation by “grabbing a spot” on the "stage". 
  • Have unlimited attendees and the ability to rotate in guests from the audience.
  • Record & simulcast shows.

Once you have created your account, you will arrive on the homepage. 

Create a broadcast event

2. Click on the Channel Icon

It is located in the top dark grey header. You will be redirected to your channel page.

3. Click on the 'Schedule a Broadcast Button'

You will see the first scheduling screen, Basic Set Up.

Fill in the details for the event. Including event title, description, date and time.

The link for the upcoming broadcast will be created using this title. Please note: If you edit the title later, it will create a new link to the broadcast, which means you would have to update the link anywhere you share the link. Also titles are unique and cannot be reused. 

If you have a strong internet connection, enable HD.

Save before moving on to the next step.

1. Enter Stream Keys

You will be taken to the following page, where you can add the platforms you'd like the option of streaming to for future broadcasts. Click 'Add' to connect a Facebook Profile, Group, Page, and YouTube Channel and Periscope account. Follow prompts for each connection.

Setting Up Simulcasting (optional)

To simulcast to Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope, start by connecting your accounts and adding your channels. Go to the hamburger menu in the header, and click on Simulcasting Channels.

Next return to your broadcast set up. (Go to your channel page and click on the gear icon.)

You can always return and edit details of your broadcast (it is not recommended you edit the title- as it will generate a new URL for broadcast). You can also delete the broadcast, copy the link to the broadcast or enter the broadcast room via this menu.

Editing Broadcast Details

Adding Simulcast Streams to your Broadcast.

Toggle on up to three of channels you had set up in the previous step.


2. Unlock Seats

When you enter the room, you will see that the seats are locked. Click the red lock icon to unlock seats.

Select a square by clicking the "Grab This Spot" Button.

When you see the "Grab This Spot" button, that means the seats are unlocked. If you want to prevent anyone from grabbing a spot, simply click the blue lock icon, and the seats will be locked.

Anyone who has access to the room, can potentially "Grab a Spot" if the seats are unlocked and unoccupied.

3. Cam Up.

You will see a pop up asking you to set up the correct camera and check your audio settings. Once you are satisfied that you have chosen the correct camera and everything is working you can click the 'Let's Do this Button.'

Start Your Broadcast

1. Enter the Room

You can enter by clicking on the Event title, or going to the broadcast edit menu (the gear icon to the broadcast title) and select "enter room" link. 

It is recommended you broadcast from a web Chrome browser. You can broadcast from our mobile, but the camera sizing and recording may not produce an optimal result.

Now you should be able cam up and be heard. If you need to revisit these settings you can do so from the hamburger menu in the nav bar, select 'Camera & Audio Settings' link.


4. Start Streaming and/or Recording


When you are ready to start recording and streaming (if you set up the channels previously- this is optional) click the "Start Broadcast" button. If you don't want to record or stream simply ignore. Recordings can last up to 2 hours. *Note you can only start a broadcast once for scheduled event. You can not start and stop a broadcast.

Broadcast has not been started. 

Broadcast has been started.

Broadcast has ended. 

5. Moderating and Controlling the Room

Anyone who has access to the room, can potentially 'Grab a Spot' if the seats are unlocked and unoccupied.

You can mute a guest by clicking the microphone icon  in the upper left corner of their video square. Guest will remain muted until host unmutes them. Guest has the ability to mute and unmute themself too.

The host also has the ability to 'Step down' a guest. When a guest either voluntarily steps down or is stepped down by the host, the guest is still able to watch and/or chat with the room participants.

If the host wants to ban the guest from the room, selecting 'Block' will remove them from the room. They won't be able to reenter or participate in any way.

This menu is accessed by the three dots in the upper right corner of the guests video box.

The Room


The chat window is in the left side of the screen. You can hide it by clicking the X.

Who's Here

The right column will show the avatars for everyone who is watching the broadcast. Mouse over avatars to add to friends list.  You can have a private video conversation with anyone on your friends list.

As a host you can block a user from the room, by selecting the ban symbol. (mouse over the user's avatar.)

You can follow a user by selecting the check mark.

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