Unleash the Potential of Your Patreon Community

Create a live streaming event on GetVokl and engage directly with your patrons.

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As a host you can:

  • Invite up to 3 guests to join the live video conversation by “grabbing a spot” on stage. 
  • Have unlimited attendees and the ability to rotate in guests from the audience.
  • Record & simulcast shows.
  • Allow Patreon supporters to login and view content live or on-demand.

Why create your live Patreon channel on GetVokl?


immersive, live video content for your Patrons.


with your audience face-to-face, in real-time.


your fans into patrons, and your patrons to the next tier.

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  • 100% Free
  • Integrated with your Patreon account
  • Stream simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook & Periscope
  • Easy, fast setup. 
  • Accessible via web and GetVokl mobile app.
  • Record & Download MP3 and MP4 files of your broadcasts.

GetVokl Features

Click on the 'Schedule A Broadcast' button. You will be guided through the steps to create a broadcast. Make sure to specify it is a Patreon event, and what patron tiers you would like to give access to. You also have the option to make it an open event and recruit new patrons, by displaying the "Become a Patron" button.

You can also set up simulcasting (optional), if you want to expand your reach to your social channels, like Facebook, Youtube and Periscope. If you connect your accounts and enable simulcating for an event, your followers on these platforms will be shown your live stream in their feed. They will be provided a link to join the live event on GetVOkl, but will only be able to enter room, if they have allowed tier access.

Step 3.

Promote your Broadcast on Patreon and to your Social Followers

To access your Patreon Patron Tiers on GetVokl, create your account on GetVokl by registering using the Patreon login method. Patreon will verify that you would like to give access to GetVokl, allow this to take advantage our our Patreon integration.

Step 1.

Connect Your Patreon Account to GetVokl

Go to your channel page (click on channel icon in header) to view all your upcoming and recorded events. You can also edit broadcast details, copy the link to share, and enter the room from here. Make sure you grab the room link and create a Patreon post with this link for your patrons. You can also 'join the room' and share the event details directly to your connected social media accounts.

Step 2.

Schedule Your First Event On GetVokl

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to for a more detailed, step-by-step guide or 

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