Ring Rust Radio's Success Story

A Weekly Radio Show that features an in-depth analysis of professional wrestling.

They are always on the lookout for new ways to increase their earning and audience potential.

They decided to try out an exclusive GetVokl Patron-Exclusive Live Event for their $5/month Tier Patrons.

What is Ring Rust Radio?

What did they do?

How Did They Do It?

Ring Rust Radio created a new $5/month tier on their Patreon page to offer the upcoming Live Patron-Exclusive Event to their Patrons.

New Offering

Ring Rust Radio scheduled their upcoming Patron-Exclusive Live Event on GetVokl and added their new tier on Patreon.

Scheduled Event


Their Patrons were able to engage directly with the Ring Rust Radio creators, by camming up or via chat.

The show was recorded and can be viewed or listened to on-demand by Ring Rust Radio's Patrons.

Hosted Live Event


Promoted Event

Ring Rust Radio promoted the event to their social media followers and their Patreon member list, inviting them to support via Patreon and subscribe to the channel on GetVokl.


How It Worked

The Results

One Patron-Exclusive Live Event led to a 20% Increase in $5/month Tier Patrons


Increase in $1/month Tier Patrons Upgrading to $5/month Tier

Increase in Unsubscribed Patrons Resubscribing at $5/month Tier

Increase in New $5/month Tier Patrons



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